SIA Licence Security Training Courses London

Security HR provides contract security services. We train security personnel to SIA licence standard and supply SIA licensed Security Officers to businesses where they continue to receive our on-going sia training & development services.

Why should I do this course?
To work as a Security Guard, Door Supervisor or CCTV (PSS) operator in the UK you must hold a SIA Licence for that sector. The Security industry Act 2001 made it an offence for anyone to work or supply a Security Officer under contract without a SIA Security Licence.

What are your course fees?
For up to date fee information check your course booking form or go online at book-creditcard.html

What is Security Guarding?
Security Guarding course – Guarding property against destruction or damage, against being stolen or against being otherwise dishonestly taken or obtained including reception & access control and patrol duties.

What is the difference between Security Guarding and Door Supervision?
Door Supervision course: Door supervisors are responsible for security, protection or screening the suitability of persons entering licensed premises or dealing with conflict in Pubs, Night Clubs and other licensed premises open to the public, including Cinemas, Football Stadia, and Theatres etc. However, Door Supervisors can legally perform security guarding roles in non licensed premises. On the other hand, Security Guards are responsible for security in non-licensed premises, such as buildings, office blocks, retail sites, construction sites, security receptions and other non licensed premises. Security Guards cannot legally perform Door Supervision roles in “licensed premises”.

What is PSS CCTV?
PSS CCTV course: A Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence is required when manned guarding activities are carried out through the use of closed circuit television equipment to:

  • monitor the activities of a member of the public in a public or private place; or
  • identify a particular person.

Do I require any previous qualification or training to enroll?
There is NO requirement for any previous qualification or experience. This course satisfies mandatory training/qualification requirements for SIA Licence and minimum age is 18 years.

How long will it take to complete the SIA Security Training course and what is the timing?
Training starts at 10am and runs for an average of 7 training hours per day for 4 week-day only SIA courses.

On completion of the training, when do I receive my certificate?
Your certificate arrives by post within 2-3 weeks of completing the training and you can apply for SIA licence immediately.

What do I do when I receive my certificate?
When you apply for SIA licence it can take up to 6 weeks to receive your SIA Security licence aka badge.

Can I work whilst I am waiting for my licence application to process?
Yes you can work as soon as you receive an acknowledgement letter from the SIA, which can take 2 weeks.

Do you help in job search?
Yes. As soon as you receive your SIA licence send us an email and we will refer you to our partners.

I am not fluent in English Language, can I pass this course?
Your Trainer will carry out English Language and literacy test on the first day of training as part of an initial assessment. At the end of this initial assessment the trainer will tell you if you have a good chance of passing this SIA course. If the trainer cannot accept you on the course you will be refunded any fees paid, ..by the way, your English Language skills might not be as bad as you might think!!

What is your Pass Rate?
We have approximately 95% pass rate because all our trainers are former Security Guards, former Door Supervisors and former CCTV operators with over 15 years experience in the frontline Security. Our trainers adopt a practical approach to every topic reinforced with good demonstrations thereby making the training interesting. Apart from the standard teaching qualification required by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), 90% of our Security Trainers are holders of BA Hons or B.Sc. Hons in other disciplines.

I cannot read nor write and what do I do?
Not to worry, the exams are multiple choice questions and just choose the option that best answers the question (A or B or C or D). If you let us know at the time of booking that you cannot read, we will arrange for someone from our support unit to help you with reading – but there is an extra charge of £60 for this specialist service.

How do I book a SIA course and pay by credit or debit card?
Please book ONLINE at book-creditcard.html.

How do I book a SIA training course and pay by cash, cheque or postal order?
You can pay cash at your nearest Lloyds TSB Bank (Acc. No.: 02797929, Sort Code: 30-96-07). Complete and PRINT COURSE BOOKING FORM online at chq-form.html Attach a cheque, postal order or bank receipt to the completed form and return to the London Address on the form.

What Documents do I need?
You need one photo ID (Passport or Driving Licence) and two forms of proof of address.

Where do I attend the SIA Security training?
The course venue: Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7DQ.

Security HR trains and provides:

Licenced Security Officers

Licenced Door Supervisors