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Security HR provides contract security services. We train security personnel to SIA licence standard and supply SIA licensed Security Officers to businesses where they continue to receive our on-going sia training & development services.

The Security Industry in the UK has come a long way. The days are gone when security jobs were viewed by many as unskilled profession. Thanks to the Private Security Industry Act 2001 outlining a system for the statutory regulation of the private security industry. The Act is broken down into a number of Sections – sections 1 and 2 establishing the current Security Industry Authority (SIA) as a regulatory body for the security industry. The SIA is charged with many a responsibility amongst which is “to help protect society by collaboratively developing and achieving high standards in the private security industry”. One obvious manifestation of this responsibility is the requirement for all frontline and non-frontline security personnel to train for SIA License. Security HR, London security trainers, alongside other reputable approved sia security trainers provides this security training.

This, we believe has brought the long desired security skills and professionalism into the security industry and will go on to improve public confidence in the security industry. Over the years, prior to the introduction of the SIA training, many private security firms had aspired to give high quality security training to their employees, but this aspiration had never been achieved by them as they continued to deploy untrained staff to work for their clients. They continued to do this for a number of reasons, but not because there was no security training courses available, but because the clients and the public viewed Security Officers as a bunch of lazy and unskilled workers and always believed that “anybody can do the job”. Based on this belief, the clients were not prepared to pay any reasonable wages in respect of the services provided by the security companies. This in turn affects the pay rate received by individual security officers which had been too low, as a result, their performances and morals were affected giving rise to an entirely boring work environment. This problem should be attributed to lack of security training. Most security officers therefore get fed-up and leave the security industry, more often than not, without notice to their employer. This then prompts the employer to recruit a replacement with no “person specification”, “no job description” and no method of assessment for suitability. Under this condition the priority of the private security firm is to fill that vacancy as soon as possible because the clients “want somebody there”. Those days are now over and will remain in the past forever.

The Security Industry Act 2001 (security licensing law) has now made it compulsory for all those who work in the security industry to undergo SIA Security Licence Training and posess a valid sia license. To get an SIA license a candidate will have to show that he or she has successfully completed a two-part course for either a Door Supervisors’ course or a Security Guarding Course. For a Security Guarding course, the part 1 of this security guarding course is titled “Knowledge based training and assessment”. This section of the course covers the following topics:

  • Role and responsibilities of security officers
  • Customer care and social skills
  • Fire safety
  • Health and safety
  • Dealing with incidents and emergencies
  • The Law (civil and criminal)
  • Procedures for the control of keys and equipment
  • Assignment instructions
  • Reporting

There is also a part 1 for the Door Supervisors course which covers the Role and Responsibilities of a Door Supervisor. Both courses have Part 2 which covers Practical Scenario Based Training and Assessment, Communication Skills and Conflict Management. This part 2 covers all you need to know about Conflict Management and its applications at Level 2 Award in Security Guarding and Door Supervision. To book any of these London SIA security training courses, please follow the link on top of this page to go to our booking page to reserve an sia security training place.

It is our job at security HR, to prepare and deliver SIA security training courses and help our candidates acquire the necessary skills needed to satisfy the SIA license requirements. Security HR support all our Door Supervisor training and Security Guarding training candidates at every step of the security training and SIA license process and will continue to give them this support until they find a suitable employment within the security industry. Whilst they are on the job, we continue to give them all the sia security training support they might need on a one-to-one basis and help resolve any impromptu difficulties associated with their security work.

SIA Security training is the first step in a series of steps needed to climb to professionalism and expertise. The decision to train for security is just a starting process and you will need some good sense of motivation and target to achieve the desired security excellence. The initial thought to train for a SIA security Licence is simply a thought to acquire the basic skills for security, be it security guarding training or door supervisor training or in any other licensing sector. Once this security training is acquired these skills will need developing. There are a number of ways to develop your basic skills in security, one of which is continuous security training with us and the other is by experience. Yes, we are the only security training company that offers to give you the initial basic skills for security, promises you on-going support whilst you are on the job, be you a Security Guard or a Door Supervisor. In learning, no experience is bad experience as long as you can reflect on the experience and check what lessons to be learned from it.

Security work today is by far different from the security jobs of yester-years where most people remain on the same step of the ladder for more than a decade. These days, with the right SIA training and security trainers like us, security HR will ensure that the sky is your limit as long as career progression is right at the heart of your ambition.

Security officer training and Door Supervisor training are necessary to encourage positive attitude of SIA security officers and SIA Door Supervisors in their security post. The sia security training given to both security officers and Door Supervisors is aimed at ensuring that both the Security Officers and door supervisors understand their roles and the level of expectations of both their sia security employers and customers as shown in their sia training – pre-requisite to sia licence. SIA Security training teaches security officers and door supervisors to use their initiatives and balance these expectations with reality. You will have successfully demonstrated this security skill, during your sia training before you passed your sia door Supervisor course, (also known as SIA Door course) or sia security guarding course, to obtain your sia licence.

Your successful completion of this sia security guarding training or SIA Door Supervisor’s training in our SIA security training scheme will give you the sia licence to be proud of, be it sia security guard training or sia door supervisor training; the bottom line is that you can work confidently in your security post as an sia qualified security guard or SIA qualified Door Supervisor. The advantages of getting SIA security training from an approved London sia security training provider cannot be over emphasised.

Security HR extends sia security training to your London work place when you have graduated from any of our London SIA security training centres. We differ from other SIA security training providers because we are currently the only SIA security training company that can offer you sia licence training in door supervision and security guarding, help you with sia licence application, find you security work, and at your request give you on-going SIA standards security training support at your London workplace or one of our sia London security training centres.

Yes, each of our sia security training courses are competetively priced, be it an sia Security Guarding course or SIA Door supervisor course. This is cheap, quality sia licence training for Door supervisors and security guards. We never leave you to find security work on your own when you have completed your sia security licence training. At the completion of your SIA training, and subsequently, obtaining your SIA security license, we’ll place you with some of the best security employers in the UK. Whilst in your workplace you are free to contact us any day to enquire about any further sia security training opportunities to enhance your existing sia security skills or you can enquire about any better paid security jobs or even invite us to your London security workplace for a few minutes of field SIA Door Supervisor training or SIA Security Guard training.

We have hundreds of security firms and other security employers enquiring each week about SIA license security officers and sia licenced door supervisors on our database. So submit your profile today if you already hold your sia security license and are looking for security work.

So if your are looking for a security career or just want a security job, a valid SIA license is all you need to get you started. But first you will need to find SIA security trainer. Security HR is the first and so far, the only approved SIA training firm that not only trains you for the SIA licence but extends security training to your work place. So security HR does not only have the best training talents (SIA trainers), we also boast the best security skills instructors in the UK. To book a Security Guard course or Door Supervisor course in London, follow the links to book and pay by cheque or credit card.

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