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SIA licence requirements and completing the application form
SIA licence requirements SIA licence application form SIA Continuous Professional Development SIA Licence and Criminality Criteria
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How to complete the SIA licence application form:

Questions in RED are mandatory and must be completed. Questions in AMBER or YELLOW may need to be completed depending on the information you have provided to previous questions.

Sections A1-A9 - your personal details Section B1 - Sector code Door Supervision (DS), Security Guarding (SG) "Frontline" Section B2 and B3 must be answered. Section C - Must be complete by a British Passport holder who must be a professional or local business owner. Section D - Answer questions in section D Section D18 - Mother's maiden name can be mother's family name before marriage.. Section E - Current address and date you moved in. Section E4 - Country eg England, Wales, Scotland Section E6- If less than 5 years, continue to supply previous address (es) including overseas address (es) until they can add up to 5 years address history. Use attached "CONTINUATION SHEET" should you need to add more addresses to make up the 5yrs address history.

Note: If you have not lived in the UK for at least 5 yrs from your signature date on the SIA form, you need to obtain a Criminal Clearance certificate from the country you lived. To ensure you obtain the correct clearance from your country, you may need to enquire through your embassy here in the UK and tell them you intend to apply for SIA licence and that you have completed one or more of the SIA courses.

They may want to see evidence of completed SIA training course. For some countries you might be referred to the Scotland Yard by your consular section for finger prints. The Scotland yard may also need to see evidence of completed SIA training and may charge a fee for this service. Be rest assured that your finger print will not be used or stored or kept by the UK Police. They will hand the entire documents containing your finger prints back to you. You must then send it to the country you'd lived in the 5 years before you entered the UK. The address will be on one of the letters drafted by your Embassy's consular section. You must then wait for the clearance certificate to be sent to you before submitting you SIA licence application form to the SIA.

Section F

Please ensure you have enclosed a Criminal Clearance Certificate from your country, if you have lived "less than 5 years" in the UK.

Notes: All supporting documents for SIA licence application must bear the same address.

Document Requirements for SIA licence

The same document requirements must also be met for SIA Training.



Note: NI number Notification letters, Council tax letters, Benefit Notification letters, Job Centre Plus letters, Transport for London letters, Inland Revenue/HM Customs and Tax credit letters, DSS letters are examples of letters from Government Department and will be accepted.

Return you completed SIA licence Application form to:
SIA Document Handling Centre
PO Box 1290
L69 1AS

If you need to contact us for any reason, please either:
Contact SecurityHR or Email SecurityHR or if you should need to mail us:
SecurityHR Training
3-5 Lambeth Road
London SE1 7DQ.

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